Director of Business Development, ADGM

Martin Tideström is ADGM’s Director of Business Development. He is responsible for promoting Abu Dhabi as a business destination and attracting new firms, for providing growth support to ADGM’s client community, and for developing markets, products and services to enhance competitiveness of the financial centre and its business ecosystem. Innovation and entrepreneurship are high on ADGM’s agenda. Martin and his team have developed a range of support initiatives to facilitate set-up, growth and the financing lifecycle for start-ups and SMEs in the UAE, and they work closely with leading stakeholders across the region and internationally enhance and boost the sector. Prior to joining ADGM, Martin led business development for two other financial centres. Martin began his career as legal counsel with EY and Skandia, focused on venture capital. He holds an LL.M. from Uppsala, Sweden and MBA from IMD, Switzerland.