Pranav Poddar

Director of Syenergy Environics Limited

Pranav Poddar is a Director of Syenergy Environics Limited. The company offers radiation purification solutions for home and workspaces to negate the effects of harmful everyday radiations emanating out of natural and artificial sources in an individual's vicinity. He handles international operations and expansion plans after the company’s global operations started in Singapore in 2017. Environics is a pioneer of ‘Everyday Radiations Purified Buildings’, and works to improve the health and well-being of people living and working in buildings. This is done with a special focus on detecting and correcting radiation from earth’s natural sources and radio frequency exposure from mobile phones, mobile towers and other personal Wi-Fi devices. He is active in various business chambers such as PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI), Assocham, and FICCI. He is also the founding Co-Chairman of the Young Business Leader’s Forum (YBLF) established at the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2008. The objective of the forum is to help young entrepreneurs network with likeminded individuals, policymakers, professionals and other dynamic CEO’s and leaders of well-established organizations, who can mentor them and help them in their entrepreneurial journey. Pranav started his career as a Supply Chain Analyst in a Fortune 1000 organization in the United States and gained valuable experience working in a large 5,000+ employee organization. He left his job after two years to start his entrepreneurial journey in India. An Industrial Engineer from Purdue University in Indiana, USA, Pranav has worked in multiple areas and geographies in his 15-year-long career. He is fond of travelling, sports and practicing alternate healing and therapy techniques such as Reiki.